Delhi Blogger’s Meet – November

It’s that time of month again…

STICKY POST – see below for other updates..

Come one, come all to the greatest show on Earth…and er.. after that show, come to the Delhi Blogger’s Meet!

Scheduled for the SUNDAY, 6th of November. Not quite sure about the time – do we start it at 5 pm? If no problems, then FIVE PM is the time. I’m game for moving it back an hour earlier if anybody wants.
This time, we shift to South Delhi, specifically to the Barista Creme, South Extension Part-I. Barista Creme? Well it’s a quieter, and slightly more snobbish Barista, located in the heart of South Ex. So we should be able to hear ourselves think and speak. Will try and arrange a booking, or at the very least, a sign.

See you all there. Looking forward to more communist vs capitalist fights, and more “you don’t look indian” type comments, questioning my loyalty!

Previous blogger meets here and here


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