Asking for trouble…

I play party pooper

Ok let me the the only one to say that I honestly do not see a revived, renewed or redone Indian team. I see the same team I always saw.

Sehwag gets out within 40 runs.
Tendulkar fails to fire in the matches that are crucial.
Some dude in the middle order gets his day in the sun. This time it’s Dhoni, last time it was Yuvraj/Kaif
The bowlers never do anything worth mentioning, ‘cept Agarkar, who also fires once every year – must be seasonal. I will never forgive you for giving 22 runs in 2 consequtive overs, once upon a time. NEVER!
(Ok Bhajji is an unsung hero this series. Good bowling!).

Yes Dhoni smashed a few records, India finally won after centuries (yes you can take that literally or not). But sorry, I don’t see a newly rejuvenated team. I see exactly the same team that could very easily have lost. Too easily.

I can’t judge these dudes by their home performance, although many will say that even that is an achievement. Sorry. For me to be happy, I wanna see 2 series wins, within a year of each other if possible, away from Indian soil.

Ok, pooped on the party. Let the flames begin.


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