Reading between the lines…

Invoking Godwin’s Law…
Hmmm….Bird Flu Pandemic

“…On the other hand, the Black Death may have fueled the burst of human creativity known as the Renaissance. At the time plague struck, medieval society had fallen into economic stasis, caused in large part by the “Malthusian deadlock�? of dense population. The plague broke that deadlock by decimating the population, liberating land for diverse uses, creating the need for laborsaving devices, and unleashing the ingenuity of Renaissance society. …”

India will be changed. How I cannot guess. But it could be possible that the shock to the system may jolt it out of the rut it appears to have got stuck into for the last 60 odd years.

Translation: I hope the Bird Flu does strike India. I hope lots of people (hopefully 100 million of them) die. This would be a Good Thing, because who knows, it might lead to a Renaissance.


….No such luck in India, of course. We have Christian missionaries from all over the world having a grand old time converting heathens and soon enough you have the neo-converts pissing on Ganesh idols to show their new-found faith. News gets around and finally out of desperation and plain old brutality, a few missionaries get roasted and this gives the country an ill-deserved reputation of being intolerant. Madrassas funded by Saudi money flourish by the thousands where apparently the mullahs teach the young that killing kuffars is a pretty practical way of arranging society.

In reaction to this ocassionally, a few of the normally tolerant Hindus band together and retaliate. This hits the international press and India is tarred as a society full of murdering morons….

Translation: The Godhra massacres were justified. Normally tolerant Hindus, lol.

When were Hindus tolerant? When their women were comitting Sati? When they were parading low-caste people naked? When they kill any young couple who elopes in a “love-marriage”? We Hindus have been wronged, for sure. But we’ve wronged enough ourselves.

I am sure there are those who will immediately retort that the Singaporeans don’t have the freedoms that are normally associated with a liberal democracy. And I am also sure that the person making that statement is sitting comfortably well-fed in his nice office or home accessing the world wide web for knowledge and entertainment. For the average schmuck in a third world country, he would any day trade in his imaginary freedoms for a decent shot at a full stomach, a roof over his head, and a chance to get his children educated. After the average schmuck has achieved those basic necessities, he would ask for all sorts of goodies that a liberal democracy provides. And that is when the society should become a liberal democracy.

The sequence is important.

Translation: Dictatorship is ok, if it helps the “Common Man”. All this freedom of speech stuff, and voting people into office/power stuff, that us stupid bloggers take advantage of everyday, is all hogwash for elitists.

One of the reasons Hitler was able to gain the following he did, was because he dressed up evil with logic, with nice words, with “research”. This gave the masses a a justification for their baser beliefs, and so flocked to his banner.

It’s ok to want revenge, even elitists with an education are saying so. <SARCASM>(I mean c’mon, in our heart of hearts, we all know we want to kill all the Muslims right? They deserve it right?)</SARCASM>

If lots of Indians lose their life, it might lead to a Renaissance. (Don’t we all secretly advocate a nuclear war or something to take care of India’s population problem?)

If India has a dictatorship (well initially. We can always implement democracy later, right, like in Pakistan, and in Germany of the 1930s?). then the country will improve, especially the life of the *puke* Common Man *puke* (When faced with the daily traffic war, the lazy government officials, generally rude & crude people peeing on the streets, spitting on the walls, don’t we all secretly wish we had our own set of Goondas who would walk in, intimidate everybody and get the job done, keep the city clean?)

This is “Calling a Spade a Spade”, and “Telling It Like It Is”(TM). God (if there is one or 2 or 10000) Help Us.


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