Last of the short stories..

A little therapy (see previous post)

So she is with another guy. Does it really matter? What was left of our “relationship�? anyway? Phone calls, which only I used to make, at my own expense. What loss is there really, for me? None, except loss of face. The worst thing you can do to a man is kill his Self-Respect. Quoting Ayn Rand: No. The worst thing you can do is kill a man’s pretense at it, because true Self-Respect cannot be killed. She’s so right.

(Sorry, just had to cross the limit there. It’s not even a short story anymore. So what?)

“It’s not you. I just don’t feel like being physical with anybody right now”.
“That was the way I felt at that time. I meant it then“.
“If I find another guy, why can’t we still be friends? Don’t you see that what we have is beyond labels?”.

If you fall for this tripe, who is to blame, other than yourself? Can you really claim the “Purity of the Victim” simply because you chose to hope that even though the signs are bad, things will improve? Life is cruelest to the Optimist – but only if s/he stops being an Optimist. This is one more lesson learned. Be Optimistic. But listen to your brain. This should never have continued past 2 months. That it went on for 3 years is a travesty, and could be viewed as time wasted. But it served its purpose. Is there any point punishing yourself? You made a mistake – one which you’ve made before. So what?

Oh and one last thing:

“You’ve have gotten closer to me than any other guy has ever been”.

“Closer-than-ever” guy has known her for 3 years, and can usually tell what she’s thinking while she’s thinking it, and can sense when things are heading South (like they did).

Recently-met-lucky-bastard gets to sleep with her after having known her for about 2/3 months.

Is sex just sex? Who got closer to her? Yes, this exposes me in a poor, homosexual-type light, but it also exposes hypocrisy. To one man, she reveals her favourite colour, to the other, she reveals her body, and she gives herself to him. Who got closer?

One of them was just an over-glorified Best-Friend (”Let’s not put a label on our relationship”).

Again, you only have yourself to blame, if you believed this tripe. Time to move on, and find somebody who is less of a hypocrite.


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