Short Stories…

I’ve been tagged

Here’s my attempt at writing a short story, in 55 words. Not much of a story. But I think it says a lot.

After three years of love, hate, arguments, space, relationship labels, men & women, they were ready for a break. An indefinite break. Isn’t that the same thing as Goodbye, he wondered? Then Geetanjali walked past him, onto the dance floor. Perfume alluring, dressed to kill. *Smile* Yes, we need an indefinite break

Not the best I can do. I might even cheat and rewrite it. Ha!

Well instead of cheating I’ve just deformed the idea.

Here’s some more of the story

Did I love her?, he wonders, on an hourly basis. 3 years. How can I still be uncertain? Is that internal Void because of her, or is it simply because the last occupant has left, without a replacement? She may now be possessed by another, and equally possess that other. That drives me crazy.

* * *

Some random flashes of memory. Cuddling in a basement bed in London. Fighting outside a South Delhi multiplex. Getting a head massage in a New York taxi. Trying to figure out what life would be like if we were married. Married?! Fuck me! I’ve got places to go, and Wild Oats to sow!

* * *

In an old sci-fi classic, a character wonders: Why can’t I grieve? In the same tone, He asks: “Why don’t I miss her?�? Where is that dull ache? That feeling of being incomplete. Why don’t I feel it? Was it all for nothing? Then self-admonishment. You have reasons to be Happy. He realizes: I am.

* * *

He’s given his notice. Less than a month left before he is free. Being idle scares him. Being lonely scares him. But a new life beckons. Will I be up to the challenge? Yes I will be, this time. Having attempted to make his mark in the Northern Hemisphere, he now crosses the Equator.

I tag Shiv and Karma


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