First Rant of the Day

An awful pissing contest

Ok so I’ve meaning to get a few rants off my chest for a while now, but being bloggicapped has prevented me from doing so.

Anyway, first off, is the now famous (Paris Hilton-type famous) post by ZigZackly. So apparently, it’s bad enough that people are murdering each other/killing each other in New Orleans and stuff, this idiot instead decides to admonish Americans for daring to talk about being poor. This is like what kids used to do in kindergarten – “My daddy is stronger than your daddy. My car is better than your car”

In this case it’s “My poor person is poorer than your poor person”. I totally second one of the abusive commenter’s retort – Suffering is suffering, and just because somebody doesn’t meet your definition of suffering doesn’t make it any less real, or of less consequence.


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