Come Fly With Me

Some Good News, At Last
This Voice has been away because he’s been suffering from Writer’s block. When people who are actually good at writing, suffer from that block, we mark it as sad, and wish the writer gets out of it quickly.
When lousy-software-developer-going-thru-quarter-life-crisis-who-rants-more-than-writes gets writer’s block, the consequences could be blog-life-threatening.

Over the past few weeks, I have begun to despair, and I guess it’s affected my blogging. Yes, while people don’t have anough to eat, and other’s are happy to have a soggy cardboard box over their heads as a roof, upper-middle-class me has had the audacity to spend time worrying about myself and where the heck I should be i.e. the usual.

While this Voice has been silent, The Other Side, of course has gained the upper hand.

You scour the Indian Blogosphere, and you find posts on:
-how the rains in Mumbai “expose” chinks in the City’s infrastructure(I’m sorry but as of 2005, the only city with Infrastructure worth talking about is Delhi. This is obvious. That Bombay has actually plundered along is of course due to the much-used cliche of its people’s resilience).
-How Independence Day is meaningless, and since how all of us Indians are savage pogrom-inducing murderers, we have nothing to be happy about, nothing to celebrate.
-Any other regular posts which are designed to make the reader “think” and to “enlighten” them (i.e. feel despair and misery).

Since I aspire to no such aims as actually making anybody think about anything, I present you with the following link:


Remember folks, nothing ever changes in India, nor has changed in the past 5000 years, and if it does, it’s always for the worst. This new airport terminal will probably lead to 15 times more air pollution, it probably relocated countless slum-dwellers, it probably employed lots of poor people at slave labour rates, it probably enriched loads of ministries’ officials. It is after all just a plaything of those Rich 1000 people who live in India. “How will this Help The Common Man?” goes the refrain. Those poor, poor rural folk. How will it help them?

Well see, I don’t care to make people “think”. So I don’t care, nor will I give any answer to those questions.


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