I’m It!

I have been book-tagged! (by RTD2 – see “Curbside Prophet” on the SideBar)

Last Book I Bought:Guns, Germs & Steel by Jared Diamond. A very interesting take on why the World is the way it is today (in terms of why is Africa poor and America Rich?). Really interesting stuff, but some of it is a little heavy

Last Book I Read: well re-read actually – The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I’ve always loved the way this story is written (but it should not be read when you’re a confused adolescent – I think it had a negative impact on me then…) But I still love it. The characters are so well drawn, and there is some truth to the stuff this woman preaches

Books Currently Reading:Well none as of now… but if you’d ask me this question on July 16th, I’d have an answer for you…

Total Number of Books Owned:I think somewhere between 100 and 200. Never done an inventory. But it’s been one of my dreams to have my own little library – not too big – a bookshelf will do, which houses nice new editions of books (covered in nice plastic or something) I must own (and maybe the full set of Asterix and Tintin Comics too).

Books That Meant A Lot To Me:
Well this is a difficult one, and I know that this part will have to be continuously updated as time progresses, but here goes (in no particular order):

Lord of The Rings – for showing me it’s possible to write good Fantasy
Dune – For also showing me it’s possible to write crazy science fiction
Shogun – 16th Century Japan which blows your mind away
Fountainhead – see above
Something Fresh – one of my favourite P.G. Wodehouse novels
Harry Potter, The Prisoner of Azkaban – still my favourite novel of the series
Midnight’s Children – Good summing up of India from 1940-something to 1980.
A Fine Balance – well I hate this book, and I hate the author for writing it, but it’s well written, and it’s so well written in fact that it pissed me off enough to get me write a Blog called Voice From a 2.5-World Country, whose main aim has always been to dispute the conventional nonsense about India .
The Alchemist – Just love it. Need to re-read it to get back in touch with that side in all of us.

There are many more books which mean a lot to me. Will update this as and when required…

Oh now the er… tagging part…most of the bloggers I know have already been tagged, so consider is a global-tagging. If you read this blog, then consider yourself tagged! And leave a small comment (if you wish) to let me know you’ve been tagged.


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