Further From The Womb, Closer to Death…

This voice just turned 26…
Happy Birthday to Me.

I was about to write that “I feel old. Very OLD.”…but it’s been done before

And as I go thru the list of things I haven’t done, in that post, I realize that a year’s passed me by, and I’m still where I was last year! (though yes, I’ve been to New York and been rejected by ISB in the middle of all that…)
So instead of reproducing the whole list, I ask you to just re-read that post -)

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say for now, I leave you with a quote from an Economist article which sums up Indian Summer:

AS INDIA heats up like a pressure-cooker waiting for the monsoon to release its valve, even the well-off notice the country’s dire electricity shortage. Too often the soothing rattle-and-purr of their air-conditioners fades into sweaty silence…..


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