I’m Home

Mera Bharat…well Sadda Dilli Mahaan, at least…
It’s 38 Degrees outside. This means we’re all melting.

People drive in Delhi like people weave through the New York crowds….

They have implemented Queueing at the IGI Airport. They’ve also turned on the escalator, and are replacing the tacky marble which made the airport look like a bathroom with that modern steel look. There is a bright and clean counter opened by the Tourism Ministry, to HELP tourists(unfathomable)! There are no customs agents waiting to harass you and go through your bag from goodies brought over from “The Decadent West”

As the plane descends into Delhi, you see a lot more bright lights than you used to.

The roads are in good condition.

As soon as you walk off the plane, your nose is assaulted with the smell of dust, courtesy the dust storms blowing in from nearby Rajasthan- which everybody else confuses for air pollution.

The cellphone rings, and I almost disconnect and run to the land-line…when I realize incoming is free. And I don’t have to hop on one leg until I get good network coverage.

There is a buzz in the air, of activity, of growth, of life.

I’m jet-lagged.

I’m home.

So Long New York (and thanks for all the Fish!)


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