While I’m waiting to be sent home…

Deesha.org. !#@#!@##$#%#%#$!$#!#@
As can be visibly seen on my blog, I dislike Deeshaa.org. I dislike it for lots of reasons. The latest is its attempt to mock and denigrate the Indian Software Industry. The Indian Software Industry is a subject I know reasonable amount about….so when I saw the most recent post, I had to comment on it. But I’m banned from Deeshaa.org because I seem to be the only dissenting voice among its sycophants, so my posts usually get deleted from it. So this time I posed as someone called Vivek, and instead of my usual diatribe, proceeded to answer the !#$ker with a thought-out response…. hehe. I mention this simply because I want to show what obvious bias lies in Deeshaa.org. A few friends of mine have accused me of being too-biased as well, in the opposite direction – my justification for it is that there is too much negative press and I am merely correcting that imbalance. The war continues…


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