Some Voyeurism

Spin the globe, and where do I land?

So here’s a big glass window looking into my current state of affairs:

Bank C hires big American Software Company U to do some projects for them.

Big American Software Company U comes up with the following bright idea:
Bill Bank C at $300/hour, and outsource all the work to employees(me) of Indian Software Company H, which bills work at $90/Hour (of which the poor employees don’t see any of…)

A few million dollars and 2 years later, Bank C realizes that software company U has done an awful job with the project is considering suing Big Software Company U.

Mercifully, the employees of Indian Software Company H, who the work was outsourced to at a very late stage (long after the project was about to explode in everybody’s face) will not be held liable, but will have to be shifted to other projects, as this one is coming to an early end, and may it rest in peace!

This whole episode will give rise to the next post, which shall be titled:
What I learned in a failed software project in the City

In the meantime however, I will be leaving New York. My current choices are as follows:

I can either be sent to Clinton(no, not Clanton as mentioned in the John Grisham books), Mississississississippippippi or New Delhi, India. I am to be interviewed by the Mississippi client today, and am thinking of purposely flunking the Interview so that I can be sent back home (and then go kiss my boss’s back side and get sent to Singapore or Australia. Yummy!).

So those are my two choices. Does anybody have any insight into Mississippi. I’ve have only heard nasty things about it so far.

It’s meant to be the poorest state in Country. They apparently still lynch coloured people over there, and you have to allegedly enter some restaurants through the back door, because coloured people aren’t allowed in the main part of the restaurant.

Can anybody confirm these allegations? Is there any truth to them? Or are they just exaggerations?

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