Some more ‘made history’ days…

Some good-news updates

Well as most of the world will have seen, India and China seem to be friends, and actually seem to be resolving their disputes…. let’s hope so…. Many an American columnist has said that USA should be worried because never before in History have 2 giants awakened at such similar times… well unless you are a supporter of (”who tells it like it is”) in which case you will gladly lick China’s ass, and abuse India to the depths.

Second, there are now 100 Million telephone connections in India. This is way below China, of course, but is still a good sign for India, and approximately half of these connections are MOBILE PHONE connections. Apparently, at current growth rates (which may not be sustained) the number of connections is set to double by 2007. Let’s hope so….

Finally, the best news so far (in my humble opinion). Some time around in the early part of the century (I think it was the 1940s or 1950s) an Indian entreprenuer going by the name of Tata went on to found an airline service called Tata Airlines…. This airline service was so good, that a another fledgling airline startup, going by the name of Singapore Airlines would turn to Tata Airlines for pointers on service, and management e.t.c. Alas, those days are long gone…. A damn fool by the name of Nehru and his idiotic flirtations with Socialism put a stop to Tata Airlines – it got bought over by the government and renamed to (cringe cringe) AIR INDIA. Sigh. So that put an end to what was a good airline. Fast forward to the year 2005. India’s (not)first Private Airline launches flights to its first non-SAARC destination. Jet Airways will fly you from Delhi to Singapore today, for 14,000 rupees, and at the current US$ rate of $1:Rs. 43.6, that works out to $320…. So at last, the day has come where nasty Air India will no longer represent India’s national face. Yay. Routes to points West are being negotiated as we speak and are not long in coming. Now if only my application for Jet Airways shares had gone through -(


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