Spring Forward Fall Back – sounds something little schoolgirls/military do. The Western World’s attempt to save on power bills and increase their productivity is irritating. By playing the philosopher and proving 5 pm to actually be 4 pm on a given day and vice versa on another day has been the bane of my existence this past year.
On my recent trip to London, me and my ‘LadyLove’ as Karma (from ‘My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma’ fame) calls her, were really looking forward to taking a day trip to the seashore – Brighton. So we got all prepared, went to bed early and stuff, ready to catch our bus the next morning at 8 am. Well our alarm went off at 8 am. But guess what folks – it’s 9 am. So we rush to the bus station, only find a long line of stranded passengers preparing to be ripped off by the bus company for their oversight….

That was London. One assumes Americans would be more noisy about the time change…but no. Last night, I went on what P.G. Wodehouse calls a ‘Toot’ – i.e. hop from one pub to another consuming liver-poison in an attempt to wake up the next day in a state of anguish, much like what a pair of jeans must feel like after a hot, passionate night in the dryer. Anyway, in an attempt to find the perfect nightspot, (complete with girl-of-your-dreams-making-eyes-at-you) we kept leaving pubs. Finally when we were about settle down in one particular place called ‘Le Souk’ – famous for its Hookah, we were rudely told by the bouncer to buzz off because it’s 4 a.m. – closing time. Me and my companions stared at each other in vodka-tonic-induced hazes and looked at our watches – which said 3 a.m…. then the Bouncer mentioned Daylight Savings Time..BAH! GAH! (and GRRRR!).. confounded again by that hour which slipped through my fingers!


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