What I learned in The City pt 3

Different continent, but still called “The City”

1. The London Underground is spotless, compared to the New York Subway
2. Didn’t see half as many brown people there
3. London has lonely feel to it too…I guess being away from home…
4. Busaba ethai has the most delicious Thai food
5. People in London know how to speak English, and they walk slowly – In New York, that would be considered suspicious, terrorist activity…
6. London’s Daylight Savings Time takes place before New York’s – This caused two people to wake up an hour late and miss their bus to Brighton for a day-trip
7. There are only 5 skyscrapers in London, all bunched together in a place called Canary Wharf
8. I miss my home town, and am waiting to be sent back
9. In London, you can buy a single-use ticket for a bus and keep using it for three days before a bus driver actually notices it’s old (and then proceeds to stop the bus and kicks you out…)
10. Most important of all however is to never say never. 6 Months ago, the fact that would be able to go to London to visit a special someone seemed impossible. And here I am.

Ignore the read more… and in the meantime it’s a nice and pleasant 8 degrees Celcius in New York City. I think I will go for a walk…


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