A Request….

For some positive energy…
So it’s like this…there is a friend of mine who I care about more than anything else in this world whom I am going to try and see in London. But, in order for me to get to London, I need a Visa. I will be going to get that Visa this Thursday. But in order for me to get that Visa, I also need to get a few papers from my company, which have been mailed from California on Friday, but have not reached me yet…and may not reach me in time for my appointment. (Due to circumstances beyond my control, this is the only time I can got for the appointment).
Anyway, so as an experiment, I am asking all those people who pass my site, to donate or lend me some of their positive energy – i.e. just a ‘best of luck’ or a ‘you’ll surely get it’ type deal. I’m not much of a religious person, but I do believe there is a powerful force (or multitude of forces) at work in the world. The universe is too perfect to have sprung up randomly. But we’ll discuss those metaphysical issues later. Right now, could I ask you for some totally-renewable, environmantally-friendly, and healthy positive wishes?



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