No More Laloo??

One more victory for Indian Democracy
It’s official folks, The Rastriya Janata Dal (or National People’s Party) has lost the Bihar state elections. Ummm, ya, that means that Laloo’s wife is no longer running that state…. how can this be? Isn’t India corrupt? Aren’t Indian politicians corrupt goondas? Shouldn’t the hopeless situation in Bihar have perpetuated Laloo’s rule for eternity? Shouldn’t his goons have kept the general populace subdued forever?

What’s that you say? The other side was more corrupt? Their co-ercing tactics were better? Their threats were more scary?

Of course, I mean Bihar is the richest state in the land. I can just see all the politicians fighting to have a piece of the action. They must have all teamed up and threatened to shoot the masses if they voted for Laloo, as they were so desperate to loot the state’s treasures, by hook or by crook …We all know Bihar to be the land of Milk & Honey.

on the other hand, I heard this “bullshit” story that the people of Bihar FINALLY got fed up of being robbed, raped, looted and having their kids kidnapped, and decided to do something about it.

Yes, yes, all the greybeards, and wannabe greybeards will tell me that only a naive fool would believe that something like “People power” is at work. After all, these cynics are experienced politicians, out in the field everyday of their lives, working hard, hand-in-glove with the general populace, and thus have the pulse of the nation at their fingertips, right?

In other news, my sworn Arch Enemy, writes about the NASA exam publicity stunt, and of course uses it as some sort of example which proves that all of us Indians are gullible idiots, morons, with inferiority complexes. I mean no other country has gullible people in it…. Heck, you could tell the Indian Public there were WMDs in Iraq, and they’d believe that too right? Oh no, no other country is guilty of being gullible….Oh, by the way, did I mention the author of is prejudiced against Muslims? I recall some quote about how the Islamic religion spreads violence and hate….interesting, I always thought it was a certain breed of human that incites violence and hate, and not any Holy Book written milennia ago and open to lots of interpretation. But then, that’s just me, a lowly Voice From A 2.5-World Country, attempting to challenge the might of an “IndiBlog” award-winner who “Tells It Like It Is”, LOL.


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