What I learned in City pt 2

ohh oh, I’m an Indian, I’m a legal Indian, I’m a Delhi-Punjabi in New York….

Ok so here are more revelations

I’m an excuse.
For Indian food. Everytime I attempt to re-establish contact with long lost friends, alumni and other people, the first thing they suggest as a meeting place is some Indian restaurant or the other. They all figure this Indian misses his local food, and it give them an excuse to eat out. Result – I’ve had more Indian food in new York than I have in Delhi, where the occasional Pizza or Subway sandwich was consumed more frequently. (ok so this is a slight exaggeration, but my blog was always a little sensationlist).

Bank of America sux.
So I have a bank account in Seattle. But now I live in New York. So I would like to transfer my money from Seattle to New York. Can’t do it. Why? Because BOA has only just opened up in NYC (i.e. taken over FleetBoston branches) and their ‘integration’ isn’t complete yet, so they can’t shift the money, for free. If I’m willing to pay $40 in transfer fees then they’ll do it. Yea, right. Also, it means I have to request my cheque books from the Seattle office, and it’s been a week since I did that and they still haven’t showed up. This also means I have no blank cheque to give my company, which means my direct deposit and payroll forms haven’t been processed which means I’m not getting paid.

Mobile phone services, and all of the people I’m in contact with in America suck – here’s why
1) None of you American residents told me that YOU CAN bring your tri-band phone from India and use it here. After much debate with my flat mate we called up customer service, and sure enough the answer was that you can bring your phones here, despite the contrary info given on their websites….

2) I will never be able to get mobile phone service in America. Because I am here for only six months. That cancels out all the plans (1 year), and means I have to buy a phone at the full retail price and use very expensive prepaid. Will somebody like to explain to me why even the add on lines to family plan are with one year commitments?

If any mobile phone company employees are reading this blog, let me give them a suggestion for boosting their service:

2) Get rid of those even stupider one-year commitments or at least frikkin’ lower the fees for breaking your commitment. Some of us LEAVE the country (yes believe it or not, people actually do leave America), and are thus FORCED to break 1-year commitments. This is no reason fuck a person’s credit history and ban them from ever getting a phone again.
3) Do yourself a favour, and switch to the GSM bands used by the rest of the world. That might just make the quality and availability of the mobiles in the country improve drastically, along with reception.
4) Open up your prepaid service for use with ANY mobile phone which can work on your network frequencies.

These four things somehow allow mobile phone companies to get rich in savage barbarian countries like India, where people have no money. I wonder what effect they would have on countries where people do have money…

Ok, end of bitch

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