Return of the Jedi

Coming to America…

So after being away from USA for 3 years, I make my way back, to steal a few jobs and dollars. Who woulda thunk it?

Anyway, unfortunately, my net access will be limited, so I guess I’ll be taking a break from blogging.

So until the next blog opportunity I leave you with the following:

I’ve read in many places the following line:

We need fifty years of double digit growth in per capita income for Indians to catch up to today�s western standards.

Question: Is it imperative for India to reach a stage where 1 billion people are demanding iPods, running around in SUVs and whining about lack of wi-fi availability?

I think the aim should rather be to ensure that the poorest of the poor get to preserve some semblance of their dignity. That their stomachs are at least 75% full.
Let’s get it straight – India is NEVER going be remade in the image of America. And nor should it be. But looking at the above quote, no wonder people think reforming India is a losing battle? Why do we have to aim for today’s WESTERN STANDARDs? Can it not be argued that “The West” is kinda post-development? I mean even if we aimed for the level of development or per capita income achieved by western countries in the 80s, isn’t that good enough to get things moving? Of course, the above quote might be used to simply indicate how much of a disparity, but it’s still dumb..

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