Life in Limbo…

Me Thinks Me Caught In A Temporal Anomaly

Verbose Quote of the (Arbitrary Time Period)
Behind every hate-filled diatribe/bitterness lies the rejection of an aspiration to conform to ancient prejudices

Cartoon of the (US Election) Year
Brought to you by Blogger’s current “Blog-of-note” – Slowpoke

Pet Peeve of the Milennium
And the winner is…..Deeshaa. Yes folks, Deeshaa has it all. A desi disgusted with everything Indian, with such choice quotes as “Yes, in fact, we are to blame. Indians are basically collectively a bunch of clueless retards. They collectively elect leaders who are clueless retards and these clueless retards choose policies that keep the country of hundreds of millions of people in abject poverty.” and other obvious-isms such as: “India is poor because of Socialism”. “India needs more WCs than PCs”.Number of articles with constructive content: 0. Amusement at seeing somebody as pissed off and disgusted as the Blog’s Author? Infinite. Surprise at being called a clueless-retard, by a clueless retard? Minimal.

Attempt to Encourage Comments
Please add to my previous blog entry “Delusion of Grandeur” – umm, something constructive.

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