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Not much is New, and the Old is beyond monotonous…

1) If you haven’t already, please check out the previous post (Delusion of Grandeur), and comment on it! I will be pushing that particular post for the next few blog entries, (then probably do a write-up any issues related to it, if people actually bother to add something interesting to what I’ve written!).

2) – all I can say to this is WOW!!! Keyhole is a company (now) owned by Google, and basically, it holds lots of ultra-detailed satellite photos of the world. Of course, it is mostly America-centric, with some other places like Europe and Pakistan thrown in !#@#!$@. You view these photos by downloading a small client application on to your computer – BEWARE – this application is very CPU- and Bandwidth-intensive. The application itself is amazing, the way it can zoom in to a street address in America (I used it to take a peek on my old address, and lots of other people’s addresses!!). I must have wasted at least 3 hours on this alone. Unfortunately, street addresses outside America don’t work (but Verika, I still managed to find Marble Arch in London and view it from above -) and there are no photos of India (could this be for some Indian National Security reasons? -( Anyway, this site is great and allows one to waste loads of time zooming in on people’s houses, offices, stadiums or the Statue of Liberty of wherever. It is KICKASS! Just bear in mind that you will need a FAST net connection, and FAST computer (I’d say a P4 with 512 MB RAM at the very least). Check it out!

3) And finally,
I would like to introduce to you Benjamin Feen’s photo album. Why is this important and who is Benjamin Feen? Ok well first, I don’t know much about him – I assume he’s an American software engineer. Anyhoo, he’s in Hyderabad for a month, and the thing is, for once, a non-indian is showing fairly balanced pictures of India – I stumbled onto his blog from BoingBoing. Instead of finding a nice little poor village with cows, he shows you Hyderabad (well most of it – there are too many pictures of jewellery, but hey I think he had different audience in mind. Anyway, check it out just so you can see a teency-weency bit of Hyderabad…. Anyway, naturally his pictures fall in line with this Voice’s beliefs so he gets some free advertising (don’t know if he wanted it!)

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