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Rant Rant
So as most of the universe may have heard, the Indian Ocean has been behaving very badly. One big burp and people spanning 7/8 countries die! Tragedy as this is, I love how anything related to a developing country can be filed as under ‘disaster-which-could-have-been-prevented’.

Apparently, according our standard overly-critical media, if we had installed ‘early-warning’ sensors, we would have been prepared for the Tsunami, or as one flowery TV News presenter put it – Shiv ki lehren – i.e. Shiva’s waves – a reference to Shiva being the God of Destruction…

Ummmm….no. This was the worst earthquake in the past 40 years. Second, it occured under the ocean. A Tsumani wave travels at around 700 Km/H on the ocean (but slows down as it approached land). 700 Km/H = Speed of a jet plane. Based on what the same overly critical media says this gave people in India (which is the farthest country from the epicentre of the quake, second to the Maldives) about 90 Minutes buffer. 90 Minutes is not enough to evacuate any place, by a long shot. This was a freak accident. We don’t have these waves every year. So anybody claiming that these death tolls were preventable can go to Hell. Despite all your technologies, your security checkpoints, some 15/20 men armed with nothing more than standard everday blades blew up 2 tall buildings. Surely SOMEBODY in the security setup could have foreseen something like that and prevented it? No? How is this any different?

Please, this occurence is a tragedy – but let’s not put the blame on government mismanagement.

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