MultiMedia Morons

The Sequel….
And then people say justice is never done in India. The schoolboy responsible for filming the MMS has an arrest warrant issued against him – he’s 17 years old, so he may be tried as an adult, depending on which way the court leans. The girl has apparently been packed off to America, as she can’t show her face in this country. Not the worst punishment her family could have come up with, if you ask me – this is effect of technology I guess. 2 days after the MMS was shot, my colleague at work received it in his e-mail (as did a bunch of other people..). I’m no angel, I’ll admit that i saw it…

Now the moronic part is that the owner of has also been arrested. Baazee is India’s equivalent of (and is also owned by it as of last year). And some damn fool had put the MMS up for auction. The police claim that Baazee had not exercised due diligence in gettig rid of the MMS (it constitutes sale of pornography, which is still illegal in this country). Some 7 people had bought it. This is the part that makes me curious – this wouldn’t have happened in USA. eBay is not held liable for what it auctions. People have attempted to auction their virginity, their kidneys and other stuff (Soiled women’s underwear is apparently a legal top-seller…). But the police never arrested the owners of eBay. They just sent them a complaint and told them to cease and desist from having those things on its site, which eBay complied with. Now I don’t know the details of the case, but I’m thinking that it’s only been what? 2/3 weeks since the MMS was circulated? Baazee is not even a tenth the size of ebay, but they don’t really expect them to be able to monitor everything being auctioned on their site do they? Once somebody makes a complaint, then you can fault them if they don’t act to handle that complaint…let’s see how this pans out.

In Other News, I read a book called Mystic River (also a movie which released last year). It was a very gloomy book. I’m subscribe to everything must have a happy-ending philosophy, so after reading it, I was quite depressed (but not close what a fellow blogger must have felt after losing the Cricket league finals match – condolences, Parth!)

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