MTV Desi?

Yet Another Music Channel….
One of the backgrounds behind this blog was the ridiculously-biased reporting that CNN conducts of India. Because I someday hoped to expose CNN by publishing all its reports on India, I went to their website, and specified in the ‘Alerts’ section that whenever there is any article containing the word ‘India’ send that article to my junk-mail email. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to read thru most of them, because India appears on the periphery of almost everything, so there were a lot of not-really-India-related articles that would show up in my inbox.

Anyhoo, 1/2 days ago, I got the link to this report.

…MTV Desi? Eww… It just seems like such a pointless dumb idea – why not just do one of the following: Have a show devoted only to Indian music on the regular MTV (which will be tough I know considering that these days everyone on MTV America is a blonde, white teen who doesn’t know how to sing…). This is what MTV Asia did, when it first setup shop in 1991 – of course eventually they realized that devoting only 1 show (called ‘Oye MTV!’) in their channel to a country representing 1/6th of Humanity was a little disproportionate, and then eventually launched MTV India.

But that’s Asia. Within America itself, there are already some shadier Indian channels trying to capture the ‘Desi’ market (yes, I’m not very politically correct, and am tempted to prefix ‘Desi’ with Confused, hee hee). So why try and ‘ghettoise’ things further. Why not put the Chinese and Indian shows on the mainstream MTV. Once upon a time, MTV was a trendsetter, and an alternative to the mainstream – this wasn’t as long ago as people think. But now it is just so heavily entrenched in the establishment, it’s shocking. I think a little multiculturalism will help revive it. I’m talking about MTV America here – MTV India has always been mostly pro-establishment and relatively politically neutral…

Another idea is to just carry the feed of the Asian MTVs over to USA. This would enable the ‘Desis’ to stay in touch with whatever’s happening in their respective home countries, as opposed to isolating themselves with their own bastardised channel…

Ok, in conclusion, it’s a slow news week, so I just picked this up and ran with it. :-p

Thoughts? Abuse?

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