Ah Technology….?

Camera phones can compromise…YOU! But so can a lot of other things…
Hehe, so this Voice finishes taking the GMAT, and narrowly misses a good score -( In other news, schoolboy and schoolgirl hide in a room and “do the dirty”, and schoolboy takes pictures with his camera phone…then (this should have been obvious to most people with an IQ above 12), schoolboy MMS’s* the photos to his friends eventually passing them out to the whole school.
Schoolboy and schoolgirl get expelled, schoolboy is naturally the “Stud” and the poor schoolgirl will probably not be able to go to a school within 7,00,000 kilometres of her last one….
But this post is not about the double standards used for men and women.

This post is also NOT about the fact that children in Indian schools are sexually active. That fact has been known to yours truly, as he had some schooling in India. And as crass as this will sound to most people, I got more “action” in India, than I did in my entire 5 years in America, the Land of The Free. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons for this, cultural or otherwise. But hey, it’s just one more reason I was happy to move back to India :-p

It’s about the overreaction to the issue. The fact that this happened, has caused a lot of people to consider banning mobile phones from schools entirely, and to prevent children for carrying them blah blah blah. I’ll admit that mobile phones aren’t very necessary in school, so maybe that’s not such a bad idea. But the real issue, in my not-humble-opinion is Camera Phones. I work for a software company, with a lot of American/British clients, who are extremely paranoid about privacy/security (naturally). So our company policy clearly states thano mobile phones with cameras are allowed in office – regular mobile phones, on the other hand are encouraged. This is simply because a) Your boss can track you if you’re late/or emergencies and b) Having your own phone means less need to install company phones, and also less company money wasted on personal calls.

Of course, while these reasons are pertinent to offices and workplaces, the argument for having mobile phones in school is still a weak one. But parents give kids phones for the same reasons – to track them. India is a place where you don’t have public phones booths, and yes there are lots of “PCOs” (Basically a dude in a stall with a phone whom you pay to use the phone – the equivalent of a phone booth)., but people always feel more secure if they have a personal number. How about confiscating mobile phones at the entrance to schools and returning them only when you leave school, as a compromise?

Thoughts welcome..

oh and one final thing, to all those people who are going start off on their “My God! The Children of today! It’s all this satelitte TV and Western Culture and Globalisation” nonsense. I just have a very simple question for you:

Were things better 50-100 years ago, when you were selling your 12 year old girls to 65 year old men, and having them give birth to 12-15 children for the rest of their lives?

This incident represents neither a degradation of morals, the onslaught of technology, or the westernization of Indian youth. It’s simply a small-time, despicable incident. Get over it.

*MMS = Multimedia Messaging Service – i.e. being able to send colour pictures and sound clips, instead of just text

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