Find your Political Direction

I stumbled upon this website: The Political Compass
Basically the site asks you a bunch of semi-obvious questions to determine your political leanings (i.e. Communist/Capitalist, Individualist/Collectivist, e.t.c). Of course, the site is a little Ameri-centric, so not everybody may have an opinion on the issues mentioned. Anyway, I always considered myself to be somebody who was right-of-centre as far as my politics went. I am all for capitalism and the free market, but a dose of Clinton-stylye liberalism is good too. Anyway, this site gave me a -0.25 leaning to the left, which means I am actually split down the middle! And it showed me to be heavily for the individual (-4.97) as opposed to being in favour of a collective will – that part didn’t surprise me, I never really liked everything that The Borg* stood for. But I find it funny that I’m actually right in the middle as far as left-wing/right-wing goes, I always thought I was more on the right-wing side! On the other hand, this test could be completely meaningless. Check it out for yourself!

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