It’s an Upside-Down World….

So He Won….
With a majority this time and no cheating…..sigh. Ah well, I guess the ‘peaceniks’ and the ‘commies’ will have a few more wars to protest against. As far as I’m concerned , today is a sad day for the world.

The really odd part is that the Indian Media and stock market are both really happy that Bush is in power, go fucking figure!!

The Stock Market is happy because they assume Bush won’t put an end to outsourcing, and Kerry would have. Frankly I think Kerry was just doing a little pandering and would not have gone through with his threat.

The Media is happy because of some bullshit statement that Bush made about visiting India in the first year of his 2nd term if, he got a 2nd term. Basically the foreign ministry and the media think Bush is better for India than Kerry. I keep wondering how this can be, when Bush considers Pakistan a major non-NATO ally, and India is never mentioned, (nor thanked for helping set up the Afghani infrastructure, or for helping out the American troops in Iraq with the non-military support).

I would rather an American president did not have India on his radar at all….the American people (including American businesses, heh) sure, but not the president…

So Congress wins in India, and Bush in USA. Talk about unexpected, and upsetting.

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