Another Dance of Democracy

This blog’s first entry was that of this Voice’s first experience of Voting in an Indian Election. And now we roll around to another election, though one which I can only comment on, not participate in. If there are any American people visiting this blog, I know their reactions already, so save it –
“We don’t need to your opinion”.
“You can shove it”.
“We saved the world from Hitler”.
“We invented everything good”
“The World can’t do without us”
“Stop meddling in our country’s affairs” (Because only America is allowed to meddle in countries’ affairs, because of course, America is moral and upright, whereas the rest of us savages are corrupt and barbaric).
“You’re a nutsack!”
yada yada yada.
Well tough shit.


I’ve been trying (since the formation of this blog 1 year ago), so sit down and list intelligently all the reasons why Bush should kicked out. But each time I’ve failed because each time I’d get emotional and would turn it into a rant, which is not the way to engage in intelligent debate and sway people.

In 2000, I was studying in Philadelphia, into my last year of undergrad, and got to experience American elections first-hand. I remember feeling annoyed at the time that I wasn’t able to participate in the Indian elections which had just occured a few months before that (in which the BJP got a thumping victory).
It was an interesting experience. They’d set up a large-screen projector in our Student Commons hall so that we could see the results as they rolled in. Everytime a result would be declared, one side of the hall would erupt in hoorays. Some grad student also interviewed me with his handycam for about 10 minutes, because he wanted to know what an International Student’s take on the whole story was.

I remember telling him that if I were American, I would be a democrat, however, back home in India, I would actually be the opposite, i.e. a BJP supporter. It’s simply a case of who the parties pander to. Actually I support the BJP mostly for the economic policies – the religious shit needs to be toned down, if not stopped altogether. And naturally, the Democrats are seen as more minority-friendly in America, so they would have got my vote (in 2000) not to mention the fact that even then Bush seemed like a complete IDIOT. The 2000 election result seemed to be more something that would happen in India, not America! But surprisingly enough, it seems that in this case, Indian democracy is better equipped to handle close results. Nobody got a clear majority in the most recent Indian election, but within a week or so, we had a new government smoothly in place. Go figure.

Anyway, USA goes to the polls soon, and I’m hoping against hope that Mr. Kerry wins the day. Ahh if only I could buy a few shares on the Nasdaq right now….

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