A Good-News Update

802.11g Among The Suticases and The Stench
So New Delhi Airport has gone Wi-Fi, like other airports across the world. Now all we need is a World-Class airport, as well World-Cass Wi-Fi….someday, when a non-Congress government is in power, we will have that World-Class airport…

Triumph Of Democracy(Not that anyone cares)
The mostly-male parliament of Jammu & Kasmir proposed a ‘Women’s Bill’. This bill stated (among other idiocies), that Kashmiri women lose all rights to property within the State of Jammu & Kashmir, if they marry a non-resident of the state/non-Kasmiri. Their reason for doing so wasn’t entirely chauvinistic. Because some idiots decided to alienate J & K from the rest of the Union of India, the Indian Government passed a few laws in the 1950s which stated no non-Kashmiri can hold land in Kashmir. This means that a lot of Rich North Indians, who have the money and power to transform what is an impoverished state into something livable, can do nothing but sit pretty. And in the meantime, all those impoverished unemployed Kashmiri youths can go about murdering the Indian army soldiers, with Pakistani-supplied Kalshnikovs. Anyway, one way to circumvent that rule was to allow Kashmiris to marry non-Kasmiris, and then rule could be partly subverted. So taking note of this fact, the Kashmiri Legislature decided to create the women’s bill. However, after being exposed to a lot of negative media coverage, this bill has been mercifully consigned to the Dust Bin. Look for all the info here and here

The ‘Silver’ Lining
Ok so although we walk out of the Olympics with only one silver for 1 billion people, it wasn’t all that bad. In many events that Indians were competing in, they broke all National Records, and ended up finishing 6th/7th. These means that 2nd & 3rd aren’t that far away, really. As far as this voice has been alive, this the best showing India has had in the Olympics (i.e. the 80s, 90s and 00s)

Till next time, this voice is Silent….

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