The Underdog of Iraq

The BBC reports that Saddam will get a Fair Trial

If he actually does get a fair trial, America is screwed. Of course it won’t be a fair trial. The world media is only getting to see snippets of the trail plus the sound is also cut in parts, allegedly to prevent Saddam from using the trial as his “Stage” and also for “National Security” reasons. Naturally – Saddam is probably still wondering how Iraq became an enemy considering it was America’s ally in the 1980s….I bet he’s still absolutely stumped. He’s probably wondering why his gassing Kurds is wrong, while stoning unfaithful women to Death in Iran is condoned. Or the various cruelties perpetrated by the Sheikhs of Saudi Arabia… or Human Rights abuses in China. Is none of this blatantly obvious to anybody else?

If it actually were a fair trial the question that would( (or rather should be asked in this Voice’s not-humble opinion) is:

Why choose this particular middle-eastern tyrant to execute?

Why pick on Iraq? Just because they MAY have WMDs? North Korea has them. And they’re part of this idiotic Axis. So WHY NOT NORTH KOREA?

Is all the idiocy going on Iran okay, just because they don’t openly hate America? Sure Iran is also part of the bullshit-axis-of-evil, but apparently it doesn’t seem to merit an invasion. Now why is that? And North Korea? North Korea just makes me laugh. The more threatening North Korea’s posture is towards America, the more food America sends to it. It’s a fucking joke.

Of course, maybe there is a whole lot of stuff going on “Under The Table” but all this voice can see is a stupid vendetta being carried out by an adolescent mind, who happens to be President of the United States of America.

And Saddam actually turns out to be pretty sharp. “I’m not signing any papers without my lawyers present”. Then he said you are accusing one man of invading a country, when that requires an entire state’s apparatus….
He’s right. You blame Saddam for gassing Kurds whether he did it or not, but you don’t blame bush for the Torture of Iraqi civilians in Iraq. Of course the reasoning being that Iraq is ruled by a megalomaniacal dictator, and America by a Democratically Elected President. So therefore, anything that happens in Iraq is directly because of the dictator, whereas in America, nothing ever happens by presidential order, decree, or veto, especially with Bush in power…

End of rant….(for today at least….)


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