Fruit of My Efforts & Nothing New

The Gift of Blab
So This Voice now gets its own GMail account. Yay! That was one of the ulterior motives for starting to blog, hehe.

In Other News…
The below is a standard rant of mine, which I trot out every week or so, simply because I can’t keep it inside me.

The 9/11 inquiry just simply confirmed what the world new 2 years ago, but apparently America did not. How anybody can be so dumb is beyond me. The inquiry basically reveals that:
1) Iraq and Al-Qaeda have nothing in common, and never will because Osama felt that Saddam was a miserable excuse for a Muslim
2) Pakistan was a supporter of Osama Bin Laden, until 9/11 when of course, it had to start kissing American Butt.

This just again goes to show what a bunch of hypocrites Americans are, and then they wonder “Why do they hate us so much?”

As has been stated umpteen times by Bastard Bush himself, “either you’re with us or against us”. Then he went on to name Iran, Iraq and North Korea as part of an idiotic Axis of Evil. But Pakistan, a KNOWN supporter of terrorism, AND Nuclear proliferator is of course nowhere on the list, and in fact is MAJOR NON-NATO ALLY.

Then of course, there is India, which is a democratic republic with the world’s 3rd/4th largest army, a huge population of English speakers, and people who help add to the talent pool of America itself, which gets no thanks, no acknowledgement, and the same racist treatment meted out to people from the Middle East.

India does everything that in the Bush Definition is “Good”, and Pakistan has done everything the “Evil-Doers” would do. Yet somehow, Pakistan is made to look more important than India.
So basically, the Terrorists killing Indian citizens are okay, they’re just Free-Dung Fighters, because hey Pakistan is kissing American ass. However, as India dares to be a little bit more independent in its thinking (and a real potential threat to America in terms of military and economic power-eventually), it is ignored, and also the victim of what can only be a malicious campaign.

Message to Americans: Please Vote Bush OUT!

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