Hum-Tum: A Review (and other musings)

This Voice is now 25 years and 2 days old….
I feel old. Very OLD. A quarter century has passed me by, and I still:
1)Don’t own an island in the South Pacific
2)Don’t own a villa on the Med
3)Don’t run a multi-billion-dollar company which threatens to own the World
4)Don’t run that Indo-American Film & Theatre Production House with my aspiring director friend (Anita), and closest non-relation (VeriKa)…
5)Haven’t got my MBA
And so I blog instead…..

So Hum-Tum…. hmmm..
Well it belongs to that new genre of Bollywood movie, which I like to call Zero-Bakwaas.
There aren’t any melodramatic fathers, or creepy arranged-marriaged suitors. Just a relationship between two people, very loosely inspired by Harry Met Sally.
It gets pretty cheesy at times but manages to keep you watching. But u leave the theatre thinking that it was just kind of blah. But at least things are refreshing, in terms of dialogue, and presentation.
I’m still sitting on the fence about the animated clips that were added into the movie (to try and get across that deep down, we’re all just little boys and girls). It was nice to see a different approach being used, but I’m not sure it added much to the movie.

Another refreshing change (WARNING – this is a minor Spoiler). Instead of having Abhishek Bachchan as a creep, they made him out be a good character, and decided to kill off the poor guy instead of making it a divorce or some such thing. I think that was a good move.

Finally, (WARNING – Another spoiler) the one thing that stood out the most in this movie to me was how they handled the sex – i.e. the fact that Rani Mukherjee and Saif slept together. But instead of getting all hoo-ha and melodramatic about it, I think it was handled with the kind of respect and maturity you usually find lacking in Hindi movies…good for them.
So end result – ok movie, crappy songs with no purpose or melody either. (3/5 stars -) )

There’s been a steady but small improvement in bollywood movies (which I think dates back to Lagaan, but I could be wrong), where the movies were still definitely classified as “Bollywood” but were getting a slicker in all sorts of ways (Note-to-self: Possible future blog entry on the changes in Bollywood).

Anyway, the conclusion of today’s blog is basically that there’s not much happening in the Political Sphere of things (national and international) – the government is too busy battling it out with the opposition for there to be much progress on raising 2.5-World to higher, and Iraq is about to gain partial independence… so this voice has been silent for awhile.
Well at least, as this voice predicted, the flyovers and National Highways will be completed. Ever since we have Congress in Centre & State, we started observing the resumption of construction activity on Delhi’s roads (and elsewhere too, but that’s not so visible right now)….

That ends it for today
Small note about all comments received on this site. I’m intentionally not replying to them because I don’t want this to become a discussion board, as much as I’m all for intelligent debate…because well.. It’s Voice From A 2.5-World Country not Voices of the Internet. I suppose I’ll write out replies to some comments as blog entries though…
Till next time.


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