A Belated Introduction….

The last thing I expected was to actually be read! Other than the people in my sphere of existence, my site is being read by anonymous strangers surfing the nooks and crannies of the World Wide Ball Of Wool.

So I’ll basically tell you a little bit about myself…
I was born in the not-so-humble city of New Delhi, but left it at a very early age (2.5 yrs old to be exact) and spent my formative years in Hong Kong. I returned to New Delhi in 1991, a few months after Rajiv Gandhi’s murder, and a few months before the Current Prime Minister announced his radical reform package which helped raised the level of India from 3rd-World to 2.5-World.

So I was there through it all – I saw the India which had 2 TV channels, 3 models of cars (last upgraded in 1956) and a New Delhi without satellite Dishes, Mobile Phones, Coffee Bars, fancy flyovers (overpasses to you Americans) and no Italian restaurant outside a 5-Star Hotel. A place where anything “Imported” was automatically considered as high-quality, and everything local was utter crap – this was true in some cases…

And I am in New Delhi now, after this semi-transformation too. However, in between 1991 and now, I spent 5 years in America (from 1997-2002) as part of my education. Frankly America was a disappointment. It did not live up to the expectations that everybody had created in my mind. It was meant to be a place where you could fulfill your dream, with a little blood, sweat and tears. Where the thing that mattered most to people was “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. Where the Huddled Masses of the World could go, yearning to breathe free….

Right. Let’s try and change that picture somewhat. Throughout college, you had to live the with the slur of being a foreign student. This meant that you were apparently feeding off the government and the country, and should thank your lucky stars you were allowed to leave your godforsaken hellhole of a country (Most Americans believe that most of the world is a hellhole, barring England and maybe Europe)…even though most Foreign students in America do NOT get grants or scholarships. Most take loans, or depend on rich parents – it was Rich parents on my part….Oh, and we’re not allowed to work more than 20 hours a week on those Student Visas. Then when you leave college, you’re automatically the reason why the economy is bad, because you took a more deserving American’s job. Your boss gets to treat you like a slave, while holding the carrot of the work visa over your head…and then finally you get to be the first one who gets laid off, when times are bad. Well that was enough for yours truly. After losing my job, I went back to my country as Americans always suggest to you if you dare to criticize America – “If you don’t like it here why don’t you just go back to your own fucking country”. So I did. Now I can proudly say that I’m responsible for at least 11 American software developers losing their jobs, and also a much happier person in general.

Anyway, it was the reactions I got from people in America, and their overall general knowledge about my country, that has prompted me to write this Blog. According to CNN and lots of other American Media, people in India go to school on Elephants, and still spend their time charming snakes, that is of course when they’re not busy murdering each other….

So this blog is basically meant to be an Indian Born Confused Desi’s view on events in India, which get almost no coverage in America, or other parts of the World. Oh yes, and to also challenge American viewpoints on the world in general, whenever the opportunity arises. And also talk about some other random things I may feel strongly about…

Let’s give an example of a typical American reaction to this kind of posturing:
I’m an anti-American, Al-Qaeda-supporting, fundamentalist prick fully supporting the destruction of America, Americans and The American Way of Life…

Let’s rephrase that to represent the truth:
I’m somebody who believes in all of America’s ideals – Right to private property, freedom of speech, basic human rights, No discrimination on any grounds and equality for all, blah blah blah.
But also believes that America
a)does not have the sole right to judge who else believes in these ideals, and
b) barely follows its own ideals when it comes to dealing with the Rest of the World

Basically I just wish that everything that America stands for inside its borders is what it should promote outside its borders….which unfortunately is not the case. And to most of the World, they only the see the external America – the hypocritical arbitrary imperialist. It is those things about America that people hate. One aim of this Voice is to bring those things to light, simply because it can, and because it happens to my blog after all, dammit!

Finally, in my own opinion, I am Indian through and through. Though many Indians will find that some of my opinions do not sound very Indian to them (I need to clarify this based on a few of the reactions to my writing).

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