Nice Leader, Awful leaders….

Manmohan Singh vs Laloo Prasad Yadav
So we have a ‘cool’ Prime Minister to complement an already existing ‘cool’ President. One’s a rocket-scientist, the other’s an economist. Lovely. Great?

What about the rest of the government? AWFUL. We have the same old goats who’d been clinging to power for the forty years back in the posts they always held. Not a youthful face in the entire lot! We can say bye bye to any radical changes expected in our country. There are loads of people who were happy with Congress being back in power, and yours truly wasn’t one of them specifically because of this! For example, you re-appoint an Aviation minister, who’d been aviation minister 8 years ago. Do you think this person will come back brimming with more ideas? Considering the state of our aiprorts and airlines, this guy didn’t have anything to offer 8 years ago. I doubt he’s learnt new tricks. Or will he fall back into the regular routine of having the taxpayers pay for his bills, while his proctologist’s roommate gets a free ride on Air India?

This voice hopes desperately that somehow, our new leader(s) will display some reall leadership, and actually do something good for this country. As an upper-middle class salaried person, life is going to get very tough for me, and for all people like me. Higher taxes are certain. Petrol price rises are certain. Free power is certain (which means more power cuts). Re-nationalisation of private power companies? (tremble) Possible….

This voice expects this country to deteriorate in the next 5 years. It is unlikely that anything will get better. The only thing that may improve is ‘communal harmony’. Though frankly, I doubt it. If that were true, Sikhs would not have been slaughtered under a Congress government, even if they did murder Indira Gandhi. Secularism, my left foot. But the public has a short memory, and it seems so far, it only stretches as far back as Gujarat 2003…..

Plus cutting subsidies and forcing government workers to work harder, by privatising them will never be popular moves, which means that the much-reviled BJP will probably return to its shrill, fundamentalist roots.

Time to migrate to another country, while the current government rules…or find a way to register loud protests when the idiocies begin….

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