Political Schizophrenia (and a new Leader)

So Sonia Gandhi stepped down, and pushed Manmohan Singh forward.

Though not entirely a surprise by this point, the whole drama associated with this
event, has managed to restore some faith in Humanity for this Voice, and I think for many Indians. By her symbolic renounciation, Sonia Gandhi displayed some traits that she should have shown much, much earlier.

She displayed leadership, responsibility, (intelligence), aggression and a strong will. Had she been exuding these emotions for the past few years, there may have been a lot more respect for her, and she may possibly have given Vajpayee a run for his money. But till this past week, nobody knew what she stood for, who she was, can she hold together unruly Indians, is she Indian, e.t.c. In the space of one week, she’s managed to change my opinion of her, and gained a lot of respect.

One small part of me (still partial to the Congress) thinks that she might have made a good leader, a strong and agressive leader for New India, who, as the Economist put it, is Indian by choice, not by birth. Granted, it’s not like she was dying to be Indian, but more that she was married to one…but still. However, the more dominant Right-wing part of me says that she is not an Indian, and many Indians, and most of the West will always perceive her as Italian.

So this brings us to the Prime Minister-elect Manmohan Singh. He’s been called a puppet, soft-spoken, Sonia’s pet e.t.c. e.t.c. but he may turn out to be different. After all, power corrupts, and ruling 1 billion people (with the help of some 545 elected representatives of course) is close to absolute power…
He is India’s most educated Prime Minister, with a Ph.D and thus a Dr. Oxbridge educated, and as he is so rightly called, The Man Who Started It All – The Father of Indian economic reforms (ok they were IMF-motivated).

This Voice hopes that his stint at the top job will be a boring and uneventful one, and that this Voice can finally leave Indian politics alone, and start writing about other things. There has been more than enough entertainment to last out a full 5-year term.

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