History in the making?

I never wanted to be the prime minister and that was never my intention”“I have decided to listen to my inner voice and humbly decline the post (of Prime Minister)… “

So for the first time in the History of Independent India, a Prime-Ministerial candidate renounces her post. Not just any candidate, but the Bahu (Wife) of the nation.

And she chose to do it symbolically – I renounce this title, as I am not a power-hungry parasite…. not the regular Indian way, for sure. When it comes to symbolism, Indians tend be pretty sparse, doing things a tad more blatantly than non-Indians.

And the irony of it all – to see the Congress MPs beating their breasts, begging their Italian leader to rule 1 billion Indians, and using the most eloquent English (well sort of) to do it in!

Mani Shankar Aiyar, straight out of a Shakepeare tragedy…
Renuka Choudhary, crying her heart out..
Naveen Jindal saying the Youth of India want this..
Shaqeel Ahmed saying “What do I tell all the Muslims whom I asked to vote for me in YOUR name?”

The political party that booted out all foreign influences and helped create modern India, begging a naturalised Italian-Indian to lead them… !!!

One more mystery to add the long list of questions attached to the result of Elections 2004.

Why did she do it? The rumour doing the rounds is that of a security threat. This generation (and the one before it) of the Gandhi dynasty does not have long life-span as one of its traits. Sanjay Gandhi dies in a plane crash. Indira Gandhi is shot at point blank range by her bodyguards. Sonia’s husband – Rajiv is blasted to bits by what was probably the world’s first suicide bomber, belonging to the LTTE (what an interesting trend to launch)…

But would she really have been assassinated?
This voice doesn’t think so. If she was to be killed, why even let her get this far? Why not just murder her while she campaigns? Why wait till she’s surrounded by taxpayer-financed Black-Cat commando security?

Could it be her kids? Doubtful…

Foreign-origins? Possibly…. there would be at least one slur a day in parliament for sure, each time she gets up to speak….

But frankly I think the real reason for all this runs as follows:
Swiping power now means that by the time Rahul Gandhi comes of age, people really may be fed up with dynastic rule. This could simply be preparing the way for him to take the reigns when he is ready, by sacrificing herself.Better to rule by proxy now, putting Squeaky-clean Manmohan Singh up as the face, and she rules from behind….

More reasons for her decision should be posted in the comments section…
(and u could also see the BBC)

In the meantime, I think it would be cool to have Manmohan Singh as PM. The Business community would be in ecstasy if he does become PM – time to buy some shares in anticipation…

He would be India’s first non-High-caste Hindu PM. While the President’s position has been occupied by A Sikh, a Dalit, and now a Muslim, the PMs have all been Hindu brahmins. A Sikh as PM would be a refreshing change.

Plus let’s not forget, he launched India on its current trajectory, way back in 1991, as the Finance Minister of that Congress government.

Here’s to another peaceful transfer of Power in the world’s largest democracy.

Jai Hind.

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