Grudging Acceptance

So it is almost abso-posi-lutely-tively certain that Ms. Sonia Gandhi will be the Prime Minister of the Largest Democracy of the World. It is a tribute to democracy. Italian by birth, this woman married a former (and now deceased) Prime Minister of India. After the death of Rajiv Gandhi, she became a recluse, staying out of active life. And she may well be the face of India for the next 5 years. At least it’s a good-looking face.

There are two specific reasons why all of us Non-Sonia-Gandhi people and BJP supporters will simply have to live with this.

1) The BJP had a pretty tidy majority for the past 5 years. Why didn’t it actively pursue the foreign-origin issue?Instead of bleating about it continuously, why didn’t they go out and pass the law allowing only Citizens of India who are born in India . If the rule is good enough for America, it sure as hell is good enough for us! I guess you could say that we are a “truer” democracy than America because we allow more representation…

2) You have to wonder, why did our founding fathers exclude this issue in our constitution? The whole reason that this woman can become Prime Minister, is because the Constitution of India does not explicitly prevent naturalized citizens from becoming Prime Minister. (If you would actually like to delve in to the Constitution…) The fact this point was not on their minds means that the rest of us ‘Xenophobes’ will simply have to accept this as the ideology and essence of our country.

Now we can either try and change this, or grudging accept the humiliating result that after 57 years of self-rule, we are again, being ruled, by a foreigner.

Finally, I leave you with a quote from the Economist, defending her position:

It should surely be a matter of national pride, however, that India has the maturity to choose as prime minister a leader who is Indian not by birth but by choice.

from the Global Agenda

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