Sonia Gandhi? Yes or no?

Ok a few things non-Indians should note:
1) The last name is GANDHI. Any other spelling is incorrect
2) There is no relation between Mahatma Gandhi and Sonia/Rajiv/Indira Gandhi. They share the same surname, but not the same family. Ok, that out of the way..

Here’s an e-mail thread between me and a friend of mine, debating whether this woman should lead 1 billion Indians or not:

My friend writes:

This is some information on prospective PM of India – Sonia Gandhi that every Indian and at least every India lover must know.

1.. Sonia Gandhi is ONLY a high school graduate. It is not even sure if she is Matric pass or fail. Cambridge University has confirmed that they have no Sonia Maino on their alumni list.

2.. Her sister, Nadia Mario, who had never visited India before rushed to New Delhi, after Vajpayee govt.fell, to be by her side amidst reports that she might soon become India’s Prime Minister.

3. Should Sonia Gandhi become Prime Minister, her relatives in Italy would be fully entitled to round-the-clock protection by the Black Cat commandos at the Indian taxpayer’s expense.

4. She worked as an house maid in UK while taking classes to learn English in some no name school. She was from a poor family in Italy but now has almost as much money as Bill Gates (guess whose money is it).

5. During the 1971 war, while all Indians stood ready to fight for the Indian cause Sonia Maino and her husband Rajiv Gandhi went on vacation in Italy.

6. In 1977, when Indira Gandhi and Congress lost elections, Sonia Gandhi with her children and husband in tow took refuge of Italian embassy in New Delhi. Only after Indira Gandhi, Sanjay and his Indian wife Maneka convinced her that they came back.

7. Sonia married Rajiv in 1968 and was eligible to become Indian citizen 5 years later yet she did NOT become Indian citizen till 1984 I.e. 16 years after her marriage) This late bloom of Sonia’s love for India also was out of political consideration. In 1984, Rajiv, was heir apparent and most likely next Prime Minister. It would be awkward for a PM to have a foreigner wife. Voila, Sonia became an Indian Overnight.

8. She has not given a single interview or offered any ideas on a single issue facing India now. Her only qualification is that she married a Gandhi. No newspaper has taken up the issue; no political party is opposing this, people are falling in line as if this is nothing unusual.

9. Sonia became an Indian citizen in 1984 but did not surrender her Italian citizenship. She continues to be simultaneously a citizen of India and Italy as Italian law does not require her to surrender her Italian citizenship or passport. Simply put, Sonia is a dual citizen of India and Italy now dreaming of becoming the next Prime Minister of India (she can also legally become the prime minister of Italy!).

My Response:

This is all fine and dandy however:

1) for 57 yrs we’ve been ruled by Indians. Whether they’ve done a good job or bad is for you to decide.

2) Everybody KNOWS that she is leader of Congress. This means that if Congress wins, she will be leader of the country. In spite of knowing all of this, Congress got a greater number of votes than the BJP. Provided that there was little/no rigging (and there does not seem to be any proof of rigging as yet) this means that this is what a significant section of India wants, so it’s not bending over backwards, but gladly accepting.

3)Sometimes we need an outsider to remind us of how great we are and can be. Did anybody know or care about John Wright before he became coach of India. Does anybody know what his average was? What his experience as coach was? What brilliant coaching skills he had successfully applied elsewhere before becoming Coach of the Indian Team? Info about John Wright

4) This IS after all a democracy. We will get our chance to get rid of her, at least once, in the next 5 yrs, maybe sooner than later.

5) Finally she’s not Prime Minister YET, and if she has sense, she will decide not to be.

There is one slight problem, and that is TINA – There Is No Alternative. Second to Atal Behari Vajpayee, not a single person in India politics seems like a Leader

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