The More Things Change….

The more they stay the same
It’s a good thing that yours truly has decided to start blogging at another interesting point in Indian history.
For some bizarre reason, Congress has been voted back into power?!@?@#!
This voice from a 2.5 world country hopes for 2 things-first, it hopes that Congress doesn’t do addition, causing 2.5 World ( + 0.5) to become 3rd World…..Second, this voice hopes that it does not get shocked into silence, caused by the addition mentioned above.

Congress has been around for about 100 odd years. It’s had that long to make something of our country. In my view, it failed at that miserably. It plunged India into a horrendous socialist mindset and physical mess, from which we are yet to emerge. The BJP tried to do better, in a lot less time, and came up with an average performance. But average is better than bad!! The analysis behind this massive defeat will be discussed and debated constantly over the next few weeks, months, years, but not here. This voice is no expert. It can simply add it’s own two paise to the debate.
And all this voice can say is:
Beats me! I guess it comes down to the basics. The BJP forgot to provide them
But what stumps me is how the country forgets that the Congress hasn’t been providing basics for a lot longer than the BJP…could it be secularism? I don’t know. What I do know is that Congress is actually going to have to perform this time, because the people have had a taste of non-Congress governance, and they don’t completely hate it….
That being said, as a Delhi-ite, Congress in the Centre can only help my day-to-day life with Congress also being in power locally.

Watch this space for events occuring when a 5000 year old civilisation/57 year old Democracy is ruled by a an Italian-born widow (or hopefully her Sikh Deputy).


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