Disgust, but no surprise

There are quite a few people out there who were shocked by American behaviour in Iraq….

Not this lowly Voice.

American behaviour in Iraq is very consistent with Post September-11th American though and ‘culture’ (if you can call it that). The disgust has already been expressed everywhere, so I’m not adding anything new, however, my blood just boils at the thought of it all, that I just have to vent.

To every single being on this planet with even a mild hint of rationality and/or intelligence, it was clear that:
1) Iraq has NOTHING to do with Al-Qaeda
2) That it had NO nukes
3) That Saddam was a threat to NOBODY other than Iraqis.

How Americans can be so absolutely fucking clueless is just amazing. Their stupidity has been witnessed first-hand, within their country. It is what made me go running back to my own country as fast as I possibly could. Observing Americans talk and behave as they do just made me wonder:

If idiots like these can rule the World, is it any wonder that the World is in as bad a shape as it is?

That was thought #1. #2 went as follows:

Why not go back home, and help realize my country’s potential, instead of staying in this shithole, where all that’s left to do is find another way to sell new & improved bubble-gum flavoured whitening toothpaste?

I digress. If it isn’t clear to anybody with half a brain yet, Americans are the world’s biggest hypocrites, and when their hypocrisy is revealed, it is relabelled “Realpolitik”

“We’re invading Iraq because they are a threat to the world”
World giggled and guffawed

so then..

“We’re invading Iraq because it’s a threat to America”
World still giggled and guffawed

So then someone in CIA/MI5/K-mart cooked up a nice little essay…

“We’re invading Iraq because they have WMDs”

The UN disagrees, the world stays quiet, with a “Let’s see” attitude…
No WMDs found…

“We’re invading Iraq to free the poor Iraqis from the clutches of a vile dictator, and in the name of Human Rights…”

ok… still cutting the bastards some slack…and then we have the lovely pictures showing just how the Champion of Human Rights treats people..

So what’s next America? What excuse do u have left now? This whole escapade is the childish fantasy of a mediocre moron, which unfortunately has actaully been played on the world stage. It’s horrific.

The best part is to hear American justifications for their actions:

“Those Sand Niggers had it coming. I don’t see anybody crying about 9/11″ – Prove that Iraqis had anything even remotely to do with those crimes

“I don’t see anybody apologising for the deaths of those contractors in Fallujah” – This one is just so fucking stupid, that it pains to come down to the level to answer it.

1) America INVADED Iraq. Iraqis have a right to beat the crap out of the invaders. Why the fuck should they apologise?
2) More importantly, the abuses committed by America took place before January. The Fallujah incident happened in April – in which case it may have been to avenge….
3) Finally, American atrocities occured against Prisoners-of-War. There are some well documented conventions on how prisoners are supposed to treated…. and now nobody will follow them. After all, if the Beacon of Freedom and Democracy doesn’t why should the rest of us savages?

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