The 50th First Attempt – (The Dance of Democracy)

Alrighty, so here I am messing around with Blogger again. This time I happen to be doing it because Google is offering free Gmail accounts to all “active” blogger users…I haven’t been ‘active’ for over a yr….

Ok so anyhoo, a friend/colleague of mine suggested that a blog is just a great way to transfer some of your soul into a transit point, for later reference, like the Pensieve in The Goblet of Fire..

So I guess today’s Voice-From-A-2.5-World-Country talks about what went thru the mind of this voter, in the run up to the ‘World’s Largest Democratic Exercise’.

Way before this election had begun, yours truly had already made up his mind and decided to give his vote to the current govt., i.e. our Lotus-loving saffron friends. Simply because they’ve visibly done more in 5 years than Congress has in the past 50. I don’t entirely subscribe to their ideology. They are right that the majority has been apologetic for too long….but genocides/pogroms aren’t the way to stop apologising…Plus having spent my formative yrs in Hong Kong, and being educated in America, I’m hardcore believer in the Capitalist way…

Ok so what’s the point…? Well …Round 1 passed us by, then round 2 ended….that’s where the trouble started. All of a sudden, the BJP wasn’t looking like it was feeling as good…..You could see this in the change in campaign advertising. First, we were India Shining/Rising… then it became Vote NDA for progress, a slight toning down of the original message…and then after round 2 the desperation shows – “Vote Vajpayee for Stability…” – No more India is great stuff – instead just an appeal to prevent the BJP from having to horse-trade…
And then I found myself wondering…hmm what if there is a not-so-well hung parliament?
What should I do with my vote?
Should I give it to the Congress candidate (whose identity still remained a mystery to me, mind).
Or how about that Independent dude, the sophisticated looking author…?
Would there be any point wasting a vote on any of these bimbos? Luckily since the Capital would only be asked to exercise its franchise in the last round I had time. Round 3 returned a more positive showing for the NDA…but I was still confused.

Finally, the weekend before our turn rolled around, and both candidates dropped their leaflets in our mailbox…The BJP dude was a professor, and looked decent, but his pamphlet was only in Hindi… I have to be honest here, I don’t have a Hindi dictionary, so beyond ‘LokTantra’, ‘Rajniti’ and ‘Vikas’, most of his statements went over my head, but he seemed to be making the right noises about Progress. The Congress dude was much worse. He just loooked very shady – straight out of Bollywood. Yech. Plus his pamphlet told us a lot about him, and nothing about what he was going to do with the power we were going to gift him with. Oh and that independent author dude didn’t send anything. So with one day to go, my decision had been made simple. Vote for the more respectable looking candidate, who belonged to party I supported anyway…


The defining sound for an Indian election, and that’s what was emitted after I pressed the blue button next to the Lotus, and walked out and joined the crowd of saris, jeans, lungis, khaki uniforms and dust grains.

It’s a shame we Indians don’t appreciate this festival more. There are billions of people who would kill for this privelege (and that’s not just an expression). This thought process is special, and as Indians, we’re lucky that it can be ours.
And on that note, this Voice-From-A-2.5-World-Country exercises another one its rights. It chooses. Chooses to transfer some soul at a later date.

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